2nd CQC Meeting 11.11.2021

1st Training and 2nd Project Meeting 27-30.09.2021
Earthquake and tsunami after the eruption of the underwater volcano Tonga

"In the 2nd geoDRR Curriculum Quality Committee meeting, held online on Thrusday November 11th, the CQC members gathered to discuss the evaluation reports of the MSc in Geomatics for Disaster Risk Reduction from partners UUM and USM in Malaysia, and give first impressions on the proposals from UC and XU in the Philippines, and from NUBB in Cambodia.

Both MSc proposals from UUM and USM have received high marks from the CQC evaluators, together with some useful recommendations to improve certain details, particularly related to their Quality Assurance processes. The CQC has given the green light to the partners from UUM and USM to proceed with the accreditation process of the MSc int heir institution, but highly recommends that they take into account the comments from the evaluation for improvements."