Announcement of the results of the 10th competition for financing project-based-learning – PBL under the Initiative of Excellence – Research University program.

GeoDRR news. 28th July 2023. the monthly Project Managers’ meeting of the GeoDRR Project started at 9:00 CET.
Important information about the 2nd Degree Master “Geomatics for Disaster Risk Reduction”.

GeoDRR news. One of the added values of the implementation of the GeoDRR Project is the first didactic cooperations between universities. 🙂 According to a letter of intent from H.E. Rector of the Silesian University of Technology (SUT PL), a student-based Project Based Learning is currently underway, involving University Sains Malaysia (USM MY) and SUT PL students ‘Numerical study of the influence of water saturation of a soil and/or rock medium on the possibility of landslide in the context of different geometrical and material properties of this medium’.

Conversely, the PBL project submitted to the Xth Project Competition. The project was classified for implementation. It obtained a place of 3/200 approved projects. 👍 The project will be carried out by University Utara Malaysia (UUM MY) and SUT PL students. The topic of the Project is: “Numerical study of the effects of seismicity on foundations- and earth structures in the context of the properties of the near-surface soil layers, rock mass and underground tremor characteristics”. Implementation will start in October 2023 and will last for 1 semester.

Thanks to USM MY and UUM MY for their kindness. 🙏

We invite potential interested students to participate as “guest listeners”.🤝

Results of the 10th competition on the SUT PL website: Read More