Svay Rieng University – SRU (Cambodia)

SVAY RIENG UNIVERSITY (SRU) is a top-tier educational institution in the southeast corner of Cambodia, established to contribute to knowledge, capacity development and leadership in provincial Cambodia via nationally and internationally recognised curriculum and programming. SRU offers high quality education and human resource development, with special interest in providing the same or higher caliber of education available in Cambodia’s capital to students in a rural setting. SRU offers twelve specialisations in Cambodia’s fastest growing job markets, supplemented by a suite of international programmes granted through partnerships with acclaimed universities and organisations. Established in 2005, SRU has quickly grown into one of the strongest universities throughout the country, been among the selected 5 universities in Cambodia by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. SRU is fully accredited by Accreditation of Cambodia Committee (ACC) for the Foundation Year Studies programs, and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport regularly assesses the quality of curriculum and the institution overall. Seated in a growing economic corridor just two hours outside Phnom Penh, SRU enrols approximately 4,000 students annually, with a staff of 150 and a network of nearly 6,000 graduates. The university offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees at an affordable rate, with on-campus dormitories, student work-study programmes and extracurricular activities.