University of Alicante – UA (Spain)

The University of Alicante (UA) was founded in 1979. Being one of the youngest universities in Spain, the UA is also considered one of the most innovative and fastest developing in Spain. Over 25000 national & 2500 international students are enrolled in 7 Faculties offering more than 50 degrees in all fields of study. The UA manages more than 2000 academic & 1300 administrative staff. The University has 58 departments, 136 research groups and 18 research institutes in different areas of study, allowing it to develop on of the country's most reputable research activity. The UA is also particularly active in the context of international cooperation and the training of university management staff to aid the integration of countries in transition and develop their international status and networks.
The Department of Applied Physics was formed from the union of four knowledge areas, which integrates the most of the subjects in Physics: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Applied Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Physic of the Earth. The Department is responsible for the physics-related subject in many degrees and masters. The Department staff teaches in the Degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Optics, Mathematics, Marine Sciences amongst others and in the Master of Geological Engineering, Risk Management and Planning, Materials Sciences and Nanotechnology. The Department has its own Laboratories specialized in numerical computation and modelling.