Extreme Weather Hits Europe, and It’s Not Over Yet

New 5th issue of “Extreme Weather Bulletin” published by Manila Observatory.
GeoDRR news. 28th July 2023. the monthly Project Managers’ meeting of the GeoDRR Project started at 9:00 CET.

GeoDRR news. Disastrous heatwave in Europe. South-eastern Europe is battling a fierce heatwave. In Italy, Spain and Greece, temperatures are reaching-or even exceeding-40 degrees Celsius. Over 41 degrees in Rome, 45 in Catalonia, 43 in Mallorca. Heat alerts have been declared. In Figuares (Catalonia, ES), 45.3 degrees were recorded. Greece is in the most extreme situation. Temperatures above 40 degrees C are accompanied by numerous fires, including on islands (Rhodes, for example).

Storms are the consequence. They have hit the Balkans.

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