A meeting between the Lead Project Officer (EACEA) and the Head Coordinator of the GeoDRR Project (Silesian University of Technology) began at 3:00pm on Wednesday, 15 May.

Geomatics for Disaster Risk Reduction GeoDRR study specialties at universities in Cambodia and Malaysia are starting progressively
GeoDRR news from Southeast Asia. β€œ58 Dead In Indonesian Flash Floods, Search On For 35 Missing.

The main topics were the status of the Project and financial issues.πŸ€”

Of course, these are not simple discussions and there are not always legal possibilities to implement certain intentions.😐

On the other hand, the meeting was certainly surrounded by a good atmosphere πŸ‘ and mutual goodwill,πŸ™‚as well as the commitment of both parties to the meeting.πŸŒ…

The results of the discussions will be presented to the Project Managers.πŸ™ With regards – Krzysztof Tomiczek