I make an insert from my FB. Only due to the close relation with GeoDRR.

The monthly meeting of GeoDRR Project Managers was held today, 9:00 am CET.
On June 21, an inspection of Project GeoDRR took place at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM MY) as part of EACEA’s ongoing “Field Monitoring Visit.”

As I said at the Managers’ Meeting, this was a trip from another Project, nevertheless we had the opportunity at working meetings with Prof. Narimah Samat, Prof. Tan Leong and Dr. Mohd Amirul, to discuss the GeoDRR Project and the EACEA “Field Monitoring” inspection.

I had originally planned to also meet with Prof. Azman Yasin and UUM,❤ but due to timing reasons, including a holiday in Malaysia, I had to cancel.😕

I also think this reel shows well, the generally good and cheerful atmosphere of our GeoDRR meetings in Asia.👍🙏🙂

Thanks for the perfect organization of my visit to USM.🙏🙂https://www.facebook.com/share/r/bmujeiJe7GNpVeuE/