On June 21, an inspection of Project GeoDRR took place at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM MY) as part of EACEA’s ongoing “Field Monitoring Visit.”

I make an insert from my FB. Only due to the close relation with GeoDRR.
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On behalf of EACEA, the inspection of the implementation of Project GeoDRR at USM MY was conducted by Roger Y. Chao Jr., PhD. On the part of Universiti Sains Malaysia, the meeting was prepared and conducted by a team led by: HE Vice-Rector Prof. Narimah Samat, Prof. Tan Leong and Dr. Mohd Amirul Mahamud.🙏 The visit was conducted in a good and constructive atmosphere.🙂 Comments, observations and conclusions will be shared with the all Partners.👍🙂