On November 24 (Friday) 2023 at 9:30 a.m., bilateral meetings began with representatives of XU PH and UC PH Universities on topics of launching GeoDRR studies in the Philippines.

At 09:00 CET, the GeoDRR Project Managers’ meeting began
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▶ At 10:00 am CET on Friday, the monthly GeoDRR Project Managers’ Meeting began. The meeting was attended by representatives of all Partnerships. 👍 The discussions focused on key issues of further good implementation of the Project. They were discussed, 🤔 among other things: intensification of GeoDRR study launch activities, including government formalities, possibilities to support GeoDRR lecturers with knowledge, changes in the Agenda of the Meeting at Xavier University (PH, 22-26.01.2024), organizational things of the meeting in the Philippines and the Virtual Learning platform.

Preliminary aspects of the 1st International Student Conference under the auspices of the GeoDRR Project were touched upon. 👍

Thanks for the time and commitment and well positive spirit of all Participants. It was good to meet with you. 🙏 Thank you – Krzysztof Tomiczek

📢‼️❗️ In all organizational questions about the possibility of studying GeoDRR, please contact the representatives of the Universities (details in the second highlighted post) or directly with the selected University, please. ‼️❗️📢